Construction Tent

by Marco Lang - OYS (comments: 0)

After holding a guest presentation at the general assembly of Fossailing  we could use their construction tent of 12x15m for the construction of our catamaran. Fossailing has used it to refit their catamarans, and we will use it for some very important steps in our building process. The tent will host the celebration of the marriage of the hulls, that is the moment where the hulls are joined, since our shipyard is too small for this step. We are grateful for the great cooperation between the two associations. Besides the construction tent, we could profit greatly from their experience and knowledge. Thank you Fossailing!

Before we can set up the tent, we need to level the site, mount the frame, put down floors, sew a frontside, the list goes on... But, we are already dreaming of the catamaran that will make the now large tent look small.

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